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Tucson Bitcoin Podcast

A podcast dedicated to promoting the adoption of Bitcoin in Tucson and greater Arizona


This is End the Fed

"Bitcoin is the most important freedom technology that we have today. It is about taking the control of money from the elites and giving back to normal people. It is about holding your own money without counterparty risk, and being able to use it without permission from your bank, government, or any other insitution. Ultimately, Bitcoin is an escape from monetary debasement. I see Bitcoin as a last chance at preventing complete totalitarianism. Tucson Bitcoin is dedicated to promoting the adoption of Bitcoin in Tucson and greater Arizona."


Alex Dischinger


Tucson Bitcoin Podcast

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The Bitcoin Standard gives an incredible history of money, Austrian Economics, and how Bitcoin fits into all of this.

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Fold is the easiest way to begin earning and interacting with Bitcoin. They are a debit card service that allows you to earn Bitcoin on purchases

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Swan Bitcoin is my favorite place to buy Bitcoin. They make it easy to set up reoccuring buys so you can save and forget about it.

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Securely Store

Self custody is one of the most important aspects of Bitcoin. Get your Bitcoin off the exchange! Not your keys, not your coins

Ledger Nano S

Mobile Wallet

Blue Wallet is a wallet that makes it easy to participate with both on chain transactions and the lightning network

Blue Wallet

Bitcoin Point of Sale

Bitcoin allows you to become your own bank. BTCPay Server allows you to become your own Point of Sale

BTCPay Server

Umbrel Node

Running a node is a true step towards personal sovereignty. Umbrel allows you to verify your own transactions, enforce consensus rules, host your own BTCPay Server, and more

Umbrel Node

Sphinx Chat

Sphinx is a way to chat privately over the lightning network and support your favorite Bitcoin podcasters by streaming them sats as you listen

Sphinx Chat